My Day In Springfield MA

Springfield MA is one of the great cities that is located in the center of the historic state of Massachusetts. With its brisk weather and plethora of things to do, I wasted no time figuring out what to do while I was visiting for the day.


As an avid (and I mean AVID) basketball fan, I immediately proceeded to find my way to the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. This great facility included a a wide variety of history that came from people who had played ball in all different types of settings. You had coaches, college players, WNBA players, and of course, NBA players. I just wanted to see the shrine of one of my favorite players growing up, Tracy McGrady. It was a few hours well spent and the Hall did not disappoint.


But of course, I’m someone who is still a kid on the inside so I had to go to one of my favorite theme parks. Yes, you guessed it, Six Flags New England had been at the top of my list for a long time. It was an absolute thrill to ride roller coasters that I was not nearly tall enough to ride when I was much younger. The excitement made for a great few hours.



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